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Staff College

Develop core and general competencies at different tiers of management, improve the training infrastructure, and develop the Staff College as the Model Banking Training Institute of the country.

1- To identify and build the right set of competencies in employees to optimize their performance
2- To provide equal learning and development opportunities to employees across the bank by enhancing their understanding of new Financial & Commercial products, regulatory requirements, and technological innovations for achieving future organizational goals.

1- Identify, develop, and impart the best possible training & development of innovative solutions.
2- Assess the training & development needs of all employees in the Organization.
3- Ensure that the Bank possesses trainers who are adequately trained to design, and deliver in accordance with the training & development programs.
4- Establish an environment for trainees conducive to learning.
Liaise with all major training agencies, trainers & vendors to the Bank’s advantage.
5- Overall responsibility for implementation of HR policies and programs in areas of training, development, and career planning.
6- Obtain feedback on various HR policies, procedures, and programs to recommend improvements.
7- Evaluate, and propose nominations for Overseas training programs through International Banking Institutes.
8- Plan, arrange, and conduct induction courses for new inductees, at all levels.
9- Arrange internships for students of HEC-recognized Universities, in the field and at Head Office.
10- Process and finalize Employees Education requests to encourage the Employees to improve their academic/professional qualifications not only for their career growth but also to prepare the Human Resources of the bank to meet future challenges on a self-sustainable basis.

1- Overview of the subject presented by the Speaker/ Resource Person
2- Group discussions
3- Multimedia
4- Computer Lab Practices
5- Case Studies

Silage Field Day at ZTBL Farm July 07, 2017
First National Training on Commercial Ostrich Farming from Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi May 26, 2017
Study Visit from Student Group of Islamia University Bahawalpur May 26, 2017
A seminar on the topic of how to Protect Crops & Livestock on April 26, 2017
Exposure visit of Onion and Rice Growers from Sindh Province April 25, 2017