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OTC Bill Collection, IBFT & Govt. Taxes Collection

M/s 1LINK has introduced Online Utility Bills payment which will allow the Bank’s Branches to collect the respective Utility bills and online credit to the accounts of the respective Billing Companies. The scope of this project is to extend the current utility bill payment model directly over the counters (OTC) of banks so that the tellers at the bank counter can access the 1Link bill payment and 1IBFT portal directly at their counters and make the payment or transfer funds to the respective Billing Companies or beneficiary customer accounts avoiding any miss-appropriation in this regard.

Banks Can pay utility companies, telecommunication service providers, government bodies (Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)), Airlines, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), education institutes, etc and through 1IBFT OTC easily and quickly transfer of funds from sender’s bank account and/or handover cash at participating member banks to be transferred to receiver’s account in any bank.

The product is developed by 1LINK to extend the current utility bill payment model and interbank fund transfer directly Over the Counters of the bank’s Branches, the purpose is to establish a platform that can facilitate the bank to perform bill payment to achieve the following tasks:-

  1. Minimize customers’ time at the cash counter by initiating paperless transactions.
  2. Automation of existing cumbersome procedures.
  3. All Reconciliation and Settlements managed by 1LINK
  4. Efficient paperless handling of Bill Payment
  5. No need for the customer to be a bank account holder/debit card holder.
  6. To allow branchless banking merchants to collect payments from walk-in customers.