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Financing Product For Fruits & Vegetable Saver

Fruit and vegetable dryers are available for batch drying application. The drying cycles are extremely flexible. Time, temperature, re and air volume can be adjusted within a given cycle to meet precise product specifications. This makes the tray dryers ideal for operations that require drying a wide variety of fruit and vegetable products, particularly those with long retention times.

Minimum Specifications:
The tray design is available to handle at least 1000 kg of fresh mango fruit slices and other fruit & vegetable products with a moisture content of 84 to 86%. After processing the moisture of finished products will be 15-17%. Removing moisture will take 12-18 hours depending upon product moisture & temperature setting. It maintains a temperature of 50-90 degrees Centigrade with digital temperature control. The dryer can set two temperatures. It can be run on LPG and Natural Gas Automatic Heating Systems.

The product is available in various sizes – 18 Trays, 25 Trays, 50 Trays, 75 Trays, and 150 Trays.

Terms & Conditions:

Operational Jurisdiction The scheme will be applicable in all branches of ZTBL where fruits & vegetables are grown.
 Eligibility Criteria
  1. Creditworthy and reputable rural farmers with good repayment behavior & familiar with the product’s usage & activities.
  2. A farmer having appropriate self-owned & self-possessed agri. land to cover the feasibility of fruits & vegetable saver loan is entitled to avail the facility of loan for the purchase of a said item through an approved dealership.
  3. A valid copy of CNIC.
  4. Clear e-CIB report from SBP.
  5. Obligors Risk Rating (ORR) to 4.
 Maximum Loan Limit The maximum loan limit under the scheme would be up to Rs. 2.500 million per borrower/party.
Borrower’s Contribution 10% of the loan amount will be deposited by the borrower as self-contribution or invested towards the project.
 Collateral The loan would be secured against all types of tangible securities acceptable to the Bank. In case of its non-availability, the parent’s/family member’s security can be accepted as a co-applicant.
 Cost of Credit  As per Bank’s Rules.
 Rate of Mark up The prevailing rate of markup on development loans would be applicable. However, a 3% rebate would be allowed on timely repayment.
 Sanction of Loan Loans under the scheme would be sanctioned by Central Loans Sanctioning Department (CLSD).
 Repayment Schedule The loan would be recovered within 8 years in half-yearly installments with a grace period of six (06) months.
 Monitoring The respective MCO & Branch Manager would carry out close monitoring.