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Golden/Misri Chicken Poultry Farming

In the livestock sector, poultry production has its impact and value on the overall livestock market and in the GDP contribution. It is considered to be one of the most efficient and economical systems of production of animal protein. In Pakistan, Poultry has been playing a vital role in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of animal protein food of high biological value.

Golden/Misri Chicken poultry farming possesses bright prospects for future development given the easy and abundant availability of all the requisite inputs such as land, labor, and feed resources in rural areas and the lower cost of production as compared to commercial poultry. Organic breeds that are widely available in Pakistan are Golden/Misri, for having the advantage of being well adapted to the local environmental conditions (hot, cold, humid, dry, and rainy weather) and can live as scavenger birds and can be reared at a low cost.

Keeping in view the above, the management of the Bank is pleased to introduce the titled scheme.

Terms & Conditions:

Operational Jurisdiction The scheme will be applicable throughout the country where the Federal/Provincial Government imposes no restrictions.
Eligibility Criteria
  1.   The creditworthy and reputable rural populace all over the country engaged in poultry farming business is eligible to get financing under the said scheme. However, old borrowers having good repayment behavior and familiarity with the above activity would also be considered for such loans. Women borrowers especially encouraged in the scheme who are involved in this segment either at a personal or commercial level.
  2. Clear e-CIB Report from SBP.
  3. Obligor’s Risk Rating (ORR) up to 4.
Documents Required CNIC Copy, Loan application, Agri. Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi & 2 recent photographs.
Maximum Loan Limit Rs.5.000 million per borrower/party.
Borrower’s Contribution The borrower will deposit 10% of the loan amount as self-contribution.
Collateral Borrower’s Contribution.
Cost of Credit As per Bank’s rules.
Repayment Schedule The loan will be recovered within 8 years in half-yearly installments commencing two years after the disbursement.
Rate of Markup The prevailing rate of markup on development loans with a 3% rebate on timely repayment of loans is applicable.
Disbursement of Loan After execution of legal documents, Loan for the poultry structure would be disbursed first in three equal installments after verification of proper utilization of each installment then a loan for purchasing Golden/Misri Chicks/Birds and meeting other operational expenses would be disbursed through the current account of the borrower.
Sanction of Loan Loans under the scheme will be sanctioned by Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD) up to Rs. 2.500 million per borrower/party and over & above by Head Office Credit Committee.
Monitoring Close monitoring would be carried out every month by the respective Bank Authorities.